About 80% of the cause of pain in the body is due to knots that could be in the muscle.


Welcome to Muscletherapy Sanjo.

Have you ever felt like giving up because the pain you feel won´t get any better?

If you really want to fell relief from pain and symptoms, why not try my treatment ?


My name is Daisuke, I have worked at osteopathic clinic and specialized in physical therapy since 1995~, and have a large experience treating muscle pain.

Pain is hard to appear in Xray, MRI or etc….

My treatment in mostly deep and soft tissue pressure, and it is most effective to muscle  injury and other unexplained malfunctions and internal organs´malfuncions caused by nerve compression resulting from poor posture.

If you suffer from pain and various symptons, please experience my treatment.

THE CAUSE OF SEVERE PAIN is not reflected in Xray.

Let´s explain the process of pain:

When you fall down as a child a part of the injured muscle will not be completly cured.

Tension and swollenness prevent the injured muscle from moving, so temporarely pain will be llikely to the felt.

Any muscle injury kept for a while , in a few years will become a muscle knot.

However, it doesn´t cause pain only at the trigger point. The surrounding muscles protect the knot and when it is squeezed, pressured or a simple change in the weather, pain suddenly comes out.


In addition, as a result of the body becoming tense, usually by stress and worries the blood flows around the knot will worsen and pain will be liable to come out.

In other words, it is difficult for pain to occur soon with the presence of a muscle knot, at the beginning the muscles around will continue to clench for  a long time and gradually set, and when blood flow is bad the triger point is activeted.

At first it would be only pain in the low back, but protecting it would pain to spread, causing such as knee hurting, neck pain and others. When  prolonged, those muscles squeeze  the backbone, causing hernia, neurological symptoms and unexplained outcome of unkown cause.

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My Treatment

Let´s imagine each muscle in three dimensions. Through some movements I will find out which muscles are painful. Then press safely and accurately the knot that is causing pain.

For these symptoms mainly by therapy, relax the injured muscle and the surroundings to improve blood flow.


It will soften muscle knots that exist deep inside of that cannot be reached with normal massage.

My technique is not only effective to relieve pain and joint movement, but also soften symptoms that are thought to be irrelevant to muscle pain, by way of soft or deep tissue manipulation.

The muscle knots, not only the nerves that lead  the muscles, but also the nerves that go to the internal organs and the skin are pressured when it gets worse.

There are many cases that muscles are related to the disorder of the body with no abnormality even after examination.

My goal is pain relief through correction of body function, manually pushing stagnant tissue fluid out of the area of the trigger point.


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Chronic and acute Low back pain, Shoulder stiffness, Acute neck pain, Shoulder pain, Tennis elbow, Cramp, Hip joint pain, Knee pain, Acute sprain, Functional recovery after bone fracture, Bruises, Chin pain, Bunion, Flat foot

symptons that can be expected by releasing muscle knots.

Headache, constipation, Coldness, Reduce swelling of legs, Asthenopia , Dizziness, Numbness, Respiratory disease, Dysautonomia , etc.

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Niigata Prefecture Sanjo city Kouya 3-5-38

Kato Building 204

Treatment fee

DRT therapy

First time ¥7700⇒¥5200(tax included)

second time~ ¥4700

Body stimulation for more than 30 minutes makes the morphine in the brain be released, speeding up body recovery. Soften muscle knots that causes pain and improve joint movements.

Treatment time

Weekday 9: 00-20: 00 (reception time19:00)

Saturday 9: 00‐13: 00 (reception time12:00)

Closed day   Sundays, national holidays


Niigata Prefecture Sanjo city Kouya 3-5-38

Kato Building 204

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Call 0256-64-8667

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